1) All pupils must dress in an Islamic manner during Madrassa time, i.e. Kafni / Jubba for boys and Jubba / Burqa for girls.

2) Pupils must attend Madrassa on time and leave on time. Regular lateness will not be tolerated.

3) Pupils must not remain absent without a valid reason. A note of absence must be sent to the Principal.

4) Complaints must be made to the Principal directly in the first instance, where the matter will be thoroughly investigated and under no circumstances must the teacher be approached during or outside Madrassa time.

5) Fees are payable every Friday. Hence if a pupil is absent, fees will still be payable. Fees may be paid in advance at the office.

6) Any child expelled from Madrassa will have no legal remedy against the Madrassa.

7) Senior pupils must keep their beards in accordance to the prescription of sunnah.

8) Male pupils must cut their hair in accordance to the sunnah, ensuring that all hair is cut to the same length, back & front. Female pupils must refrain from removing their eyebrows.

9) The Principal reserves the right to change an individual pupil's class or teacher as he sees appropriate.

11) The education in this Madrassa is taught by a set syllabus and no individual tutoring will be given.

12) Non-reception pupils will be subject to an admissions interview.