Extra Curricular Activities

Pupils at Madrassa Noorul Islam on Audley Range in Blackburn and residents at a nearby care home have struck up an unlikely friendship, breaking down socio-cultural barriers between young and old.



MNI extended the initial hand of friendship to the care home, suggesting a visit-after being inspired by a lesson taught to young pupils on caring and sharing by one of the volunteer tutors at the Madrassa.  This also formed part of the extended learning programme on the theme of Living & Breathing Islam.



The pupils greatly benefitted from the visit and learned a great deal about ageing and disabilities.



These fond sentiments have also been echoed by the Each Step care home, paving the way for a partnership between MNI and the Each Step care home. The Care Home Coordinator, Joanie-Lee Gleeson, commenting how “happy and animated” the residents were when the pupils visited the home.



The visit gave the young people the opportunity to speak with the residents, play games and pass on gifts and tokens of friendship to the residents.



The Principal of MNI, Mufti Ashraf said: It is a pleasure to see our local care home have open their doors to the pupils of our MNI. The joy and excitement that the pupils brought to the visit has become the highlight of this year.  One could also observe the positive stimulation it brought for all of the dementia residents.



The class tutor Appa Sofia, called it an “amazing experience”.



She stated that this practical field visit has helped to reinforce and compliment the theoretical teachings of the syllabi on helping the pupils develop mutual respect for others from a young age.


She also found that it had helped boost the pupils’ confidence and enhanced their social and emotional development-as well as having a “calming effect”.
A pupil called Safah Yusuf, who attends MNI, said the visit to the home made me “feel happy”.   She further added: “I would like to go to the care home again”.


Madrassa Noorul Islam's young pupils take part in Cleaning their Area


Young people are rolling up their sleeves to clean up some of the busiest streets in Audley & Queens Park of Blackburn.

Supported by the council, more than 20 Pupils from Maulana Bilal's Year 4A teamed up with local residents in a cleanup to do litter picks.  

Pupils from the Madrassa started the clean up earlier this week to rid the streets of rubbish, including cigarette butts, crisp packets and drinks cartons. The year 4A pupils, collected 20+ bags of litter throughout the evening.

Madrassa Noorul Islam young pupils encourages people to tackle the problem of litter and look after their environment.  

Blackburn with Darwen Neighbourhood Team Officer, Shabbir Patel, said: “It’s great to see young people in our borough taking pride in their community. We regularly encourage people to dispose of their rubbish correctly but some insist on littering regardless of the impact on the environment."

MNI's Principal & Secretary General, Moulana Mufti Ashraf Sidat said:
"Partnering with organisations such as Local Council and getting local pupils involved in positive activities, lets them take responsibility for their surroundings and set great example for others.  It also compliments and translates the taught theory of the classroom on teachings in Islam on cleanliness and learning into practice.  This extended and beyond the classroom leaning falls under our Living & Breathing Islam theme.”  

The Madrassa is committed to combating litter across the ward.

Madrassa youngsters bring joy to elderly at Royal Blackburn Hospital

Elderly patients at the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital received a surprise visit from a group of well-meaning local youngsters who put smiles on faces by presenting more than 40 gifts to patients.

Twenty children, aged 7 to 13, from Noorul Islam Madrassa in Audley Range called in to wards B20, B22 and B24 to hand over gifts during a visit organised by the hospital’s Muslim Chaplain, Fazlurrehman Hassan
Fazlurrehman Hassan the Muslim Chaplain who organised and facilitated the visit said; “These campaigns where warmth, closeness, togetherness is shared between young & old people are vital not only to bring a smile on patient’s, but also to help strengthen community & race relations & build bridges between faiths communities”.

The children, who purchased all the gifts with their own money, were given a warm welcome by patients and ward staff.
Lorraine Mogra, Junior Sister on Ward B24 who accompanied the children during their visit, said: “It was a pleasure to have Noorul Islam at the hospital visiting patients and donating presents.”

“We want to thank the children and Noorul Islam Madrassa for bringing happiness and joy. The children’s generosity brought a tear to the eye of more than patient and everyone on the wards was delighted.”

The children spent 60 minutes on the Wards, chatting to patients and staff and delivering ‘comfort packs’ containing toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, face cloth and deodorant.

Tayyab Sidat, public relations officer at Noorul Islam Madrassa, said: “The children really enjoyed visiting Royal Blackburn Hospital and loved meeting the patients. It’s not nice being in hospital and it was lovely to be able to cheer up patients and give them gifts.”



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