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10th February 2017

Orphans & Displaced of Syria Appeal.


Dear Children / Parents.  Assalamoulaikum ww.


We all know about the crisis in Syria which has claimed the lives of over 100,000 people and left many millions displaced. Thousands of children have died and many more are left orphaned and homeless.


Medical supplies are at an all time low and children are dying daily from preventable deaths.


Your help is needed!


This year our target is to sponsor 1,000 families, for that we need to raise £30,000.00.


Our appeal to you this year is for sponsoring a family. The cost for sponsoring one family will be £30.00 as a bare minimum we would like each pupil/family to support one family.


Let us the pupil of Madrassa Noorul-Islam and Al Islah School show our support for the people who are needier than us and let them know that we are there for them in their moment of hardship.  Come on! A week with no sweets will not make a difference. 


If you can spare some money, then please bring it to Madrassa (clearly marked) and hand it in to your teacher. You can also collect from friends and family and encourage them to help as well.  This is an ideal opportunity for Isale Sawab, zakaah payment-due or advance, sadaqah and lillah. 



Remember what the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “feel sorry for those on earth and he who is in the sky will feel sorry for you”.


Yours Brortherly in Islam.


Chair of Governors.



Hassan A. Desai.

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