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Following the announcement by the PM Boris Johnson, on 23rd March, that places of worship will be closed, the committee hereby advises that with immediate effect Masjide Noorul Islam will be closed until further notice. Due to the closure there will be no programs or prayers over the transmitter / receiver system. There will also be no services provided for wedding (Nikah). Please make duas that these government restrictions are lifted before Ramadan.

The services for funerals have been exempted so in the unforeseen circumstance of requiring assistance with funerals, please contact our dedicated team on 07578 389796. Please continue to pray at home and make dua for whole of humanity and ask for Allah’s forgiveness.

Please stay in contact with your elderly and vulnerable relations.


Feel free to view / download monthly namaaz timetable below or use the search feature to view Jamaat times for a particular date:


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Late Jumu'ah Times (Upstairs prayer room)

Month Date Second Third
March All 3.30pm -
April All 3.30pm 5.15pm
May All 3.30pm 5.15pm
June All 3.30pm 5.15pm
July All 3.30pm 5.15pm
August All 3.30pm 5.15pm
September 4th 3.30pm 5.15pm
September 11th 3.30pm 5.15pm
September 18th 3.30pm 5.00pm
September 25th 3.30pm 4.30pm
October 2nd 3.30pm 4.15pm
October 9th 3.30pm 4.00pm
October 16th 3.30pm -.--
October 23rd 3.30pm -.--
October 30th 2.20pm -.--
November 6th 2.00pm -.--
November 13th 1.50pm -.--
November 20th 1.40pm -.--
November 27th 1.35pm -.--
December All 1.35pm -.--



Jamaat prayer times are still being updated, if no time is shown for the date selected please accept our sincere apologise and check back again as we are constantly updating.

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Salah Times For April 9,2020
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