History of Masjide Noorul Islam (IES)

The Islamic Educational Society of Blackburn was established in 1967 with 50 members, using a spare room in one member's house as it's first Madressa. Shortly thereafter, the Society purchased and converted a terraced house at 40 Lambeth Street, Blackburn to provide a Masjid (place of worship) and a Madressa to educate our Muslim children in an Islamic environment. This was named Masjide Noorul Islam, and was one of the first Masjids in Blackburn. As the community and membership grew, a further two adjoining houses were acquired (one purchased and donated to the Society by a member, and one purchased by the Society), one to provide extra classrooms for the Madressa, and the other to provide a home for the Imam and his family.


Due to further growth, and the area due to be demolished, the Society purchased a warehouse and adjoining house at 108 / 108a Audley Range, Blackburn. The warehouse was renovated and converted into a Masjid and  the adjoining house provided classrooms for the Madressa, which were opened in 1978. The demands of an ever growing community over the coming years were met by purchasing and renovating a further shop, 2 houses and adjoining land (previously occupied by a Church which was demolished), and the Masjid and Madressa were extended in 1984.


Again as demand grew with the ever growing community, not just for additional prayer facilities and Madressa, but due to the challenges facing the modern Muslims living in 21st century Britain, after consultation with the membership and through Allah's guidance, it was decided to build a purpose built Masjid to provide a modern facility to meet these challenges and needs, on the adjoining land (garden and car park).


In September 2007, the foundations were dug, and by November 2007 the steel structure was complete. The new Masjid was opened in July 2010, Rajjab 1431 Hijri. The Masjid has the following facilities: Prayer facility for 1500 in 2 Halls, Meeting / conference rooms, classrooms, Ladies facilities, Ablution and toilets on both floors, disabled facilities inc lift, Kitchen and Jamaat room and Offices.

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