Services provided by the Masjid

Masjide Noorul Islam (IES) have recognised that the Masjid is the hub of any Muslim community, and that Muslims turn to the Masjid to fulfil their religious requirements. Therefore, the Masjid provides a wide range of services for the Muslim community. A few of the main services are as follows:

Congregational Prayers

The Masjid provides prayer facilities for Muslims to fulfil their 5 obligatory daily prayers, Salaat, in Congregation (Jamaat) as well as the Friday (Jum'aa) Prayers (if time permits seasonally a second congregation is also arranged for those who cannot join the main congregation), the Tarawih (Night Prayers) in Ramadan and the 2 annual Eid Prayers.




Imams (Leaders of the Congregation)

The Masjid has 2 appointed Imams. The Principal Imam is Mufti Saleh Dhanchora Sb, who was educated in India, UK and Medina, Saudi Arabia. He has served the community since 1994. The secondary Imam who was appointed in 2012 is Mufti Abdullah Bismillah Sb, who gained his education in the UK and India.

Both Imams are fluent in English, Urdu and Arabic, are Hafiz, Qari and Muftis, and therefore have excellent strengths to lead the community in meeting all their religious duties and address any issues facing the community. Also they play a key role in engaging with the youngsters, our future generations, and the non-Muslim community in Inter Faith work with local organisations to promote a better understanding of Islam.

Spiritual and Moral development through Qur'an and Hadith Teachings

The Masjid, since it's establishment, has been actively providing for the development of spiritual and moral wellbeing of the community through a wide range of activities including educational lectures and study seminars of the Qur'aan and Ahaadith. The work of Dawah, through brothers engaged in Tabligh Jamaat, plays a key role in ensuring and encouraging Muslims to put the teaching of Islam into practice in our daily lives. The youth forum NIYC (see separate section for details) makes special efforts for youth development.


Darul Iftah (Islamic Jurisprudence)

Whilst abiding by the law of the land is a requisite of Islam, there are many aspects of a Muslims life which requires clarification and guidance in light of Islamic teachings through the Qur'aan and Sunnah. The importance of traditional and contemporary Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh) is well known. Fiqh deals with all aspects relating to a believer's life. The Masjid is very fortunate to have  many Muftis in addition to our Imams to guide the community in these matters, Mufti Tahir Wadee and our 2 Imams have been serving the community in this aspect and are all very learned and approachable to all who seek guidance. They also serve in matters of resolution of any conflicts / disagreements to maintain tranquillity within the community and individuals / family disputes.


Charity work

The Masjid IES run many charity programmes and support many local, national and international Charity organisations to provide support for the poor, needy and those afflicted by natural disasters and conflicts in the world. Some Charity organisations supported are Blackburn Muslim Relief fund, Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid, Al Imdaad to name a few. The Masjid community have always responded quickly in providing funds to  help victims of natural disasters in the world, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes etc.


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