Al Islah Aims and Objectives

The school aims to:
  • Motivate students to gain appropriate qualifications within an Islamic environment which they can carry into their chosen career and working life.
  • Provide a positive, caring environment in which to learn.
  • Provide an atmosphere of order, purposefulness and pleasure in learning. 
  • Encourage students to value all members of the school and community.
  • Give each pupil the chance to reach her own personal best.
  • Instil discipline and order in a supportive and amiable atmosphere.
  • To become responsible law abiding citizens. 
  • Offer chances to every pupil to learn about personal qualities and to take personal responsibility for their own behaviour through hard work, honesty, punctuality and politeness.
  • Instil piety and encourage self - discipline and foster values that will be needed for being a good Muslim such as understanding, knowledge, kindness and wisdom.
  • Give positive support and guidance in understanding the multi cultural society in which we live.




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